Polluting the oceans reduces the oxygen levels in our oceans, this not only affects sea animals but us too. If there’s no oxygen to breathe, then how are we
supposed to live?

Single-Use Plastics

These are one of the worst things hurting our oceans! Did you know that the five
most common items found on beach cleanups are all single-use plastics? They
include: plastic cigarette butts, food wrappers, plastic bottles, plastic bottle caps, AND plastic straws…

What Have We Done?

Almost a whole truckload gets dumped into the ocean every single minute. This kills over 100,000 sea animals every year! AND over a million sea birds die because they eat the plastic humans are throwing away! It takes two seconds for
us to make the decision to STOP.

Generations Of Shame

All this trash is going to take forever to decompose. Here’s just a few examples:
Styrofoam takes 80 years, aluminum takes 200 years, and plastic takes 400 years!

So, think about this, the plastic water bottle you “accidentally” left on the sand from your last beach day is probably still going to be there when your great-great-great-great grandchildren go to visit. Is that what we want?